Thursday, August 01, 2013

Messages of Wisdom and Reflection. Enter the Contest

A disturbance of destiny wants to contain and trap you, wants to steal your virtues, values and conscience.
Even science is capable of forgetting its direction. It is like a serious illness, but there is a recommendation for most of the hearts, since almost all understand that it is more than poison.

Some would leave everything, even to the point of losing an arm, an eye, a foot; even more, they would clumsily give even their hearts, they will go crazy for sure, because they will never know that the water that they are about to drink, will not quench their thirst, rather it will be like drinking sea water, their soul will turn salty, their word will turn salty, their actions too.
Virtue or curse, is more than a decision, only if you surrender your heart to something better than temptation, you will not only be free but will turn into the best story and best memory of everybody else.

What is this?


Mystic Healing Art would like to transmit messages of Wisdom and Reflection to all our Visitor Friends so they may have lives filled with joy, creativity and unforgettable moments. This is the reason that we are inviting you to participate.

INSTRUCTIONS: Read the above Message and send us your answer to the email
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The participant sending the right answer will receive a Subscription to the Course of Meditation and Energy, completely Free for One Month.
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