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A disturbance of destiny wants to contain and trap you, wants to steal your virtues, values and conscience.
Even science is capable of forgetting its direction. It is like a serious illness, but there is a recommendation for most of the hearts, since almost all understand that it is more than poison.

Some would leave everything, even to the point of losing an arm, an eye, a foot; even more, they would clumsily give even their hearts, they will go crazy for sure, because they will never know that the water that they are about to drink, will not quench their thirst, rather it will be like drinking sea water, their soul will turn salty, their word will turn salty, their actions too.
Virtue or curse, is more than a decision, only if you surrender your heart to something better than temptation, you will not only be free but will turn into the best story and best memory of everybody else.

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Mystic Healing Art would like to transmit messages of Wisdom and Reflection to all our Visitor Friends so they may have lives filled with joy, creativity and unforgettable moments. This is the reason that we are inviting you to participate.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mystic Healing Art

Mystic Healing Art is, a profound instrument, of meditation and abstraction, that takes us to a mystical experience, clearly defined, in which we learn to see, that other spaces and times exist inside us. When we change the reference, of the superior reality, then, we realize that this reality is based on a universal, rather than, on an individual vision and perception. The "I" is not contained, in the space of the present but in the universe. Man and the universe, are energies flowing and only this stage of knowledge, allows to understand ,that the universe is a whole of vital energetic emanations. We all are included, in the Call of the Spirit, which is a sustainable good. The human destiny is a common destiny altogether, since the Earth is, like a great ship traveling by space, as one man, searching for his destiny. We all are one, and one we are all .

We are individual beings and this is an absolute truth but also, and in the same way, we are beings with an identity, that is to be common but not like an atheistic communism, but like a shared in common heart, that beats by the harmony of a healthy and useful body. We are like a hand. The fingers are different but as a whole, they conform an equilibrium. Just like the musical notes. Like the raindrops. We form a whole and this whole is "one." But, there is something important in this unit, that can't occur only, by thought or reason but by something more important.

And not by enthusiastic, obsessive fanaticism, mistakenly called religious. But rather by Love, which arises from the true God, who knows, how to give from Himself, and who shares with us the mystery of life. Making us to participate in the existence. And in the science of Love, through the common cause of good. Life, is not an accident nor a fortuitous chance. There is a profound and responsible reason, that has as its purpose, the freedom to be and to live in eternity But nothing of this, would make any sense without Love, in order to live and to be.

God is the source, the grace, inspiration, the power, the knowledge, the art of creation and is life itself. The spiritual experience happens, when we discover all this in our own life, but not only to keep it as a treasure. Since to do this, would be like finding a seed and doing nothing . Nevertheless, we must be like a luxuriant tree, that welcomes everyone who needs from it. And at the same time, in its expansion, is humble and glorifies its Creator, since man is a creature of divine similarity, because God has put breath of life in him; and man is not God but he is the one who faithfully loves God. And to know this, is more than wisdom. It is illumination.

The stars are in the sky, not only to illuminate the darkness, to guide the navigators in the sea or to dream, about them. They are in the sky, to glorify the infinite light, which is the Love of the eternal Creator. A wise person is the one who is free from vanity and pride. But wisest is the one who shares his spirit of devotion, his surrender and abnegation, in the path towards true Love, always giving the best of himself. But man can't do this alone. He needs the right inspiration, the integral force of the true God.

This is the reason why, spirituality is, an eternal divine romance between the Creator and His creature. Between the creature and the Creator. From this same source, from this same principle and because of this same reason, art is inspiration of the Creator. And His creature should naturally bring forth, the foundation of Love.

The meditation on the Mystic Healing Art, develops and expands our experience with the Cosmos, allowing a consciousness, without the frontiers of thought, time and space.

It begins with the awakening of the consciousness of the inner space.

You only need a few seconds, to have the experience:

Contemplate the artwork.

Then, close your eyes.

You will discover the energy flowing and moving inside you.

This means, that the process of communication, between you and the universe, has been initiated.

Author/Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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